Matt Hodel Tattoo: Leaving DC

Leaving DC 27

Last day in DC. In an hour we will be driving to Baltimore to pick Emma up from the airport. Then a relaxing week in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

I did make it to the Holocaust Museum. This is not a children's museum. it setup on a timeline walking tour. You start with a passport and a new identification. At the end of the tour you will find out if you were a survivor.

The last day we toured the American Indian Museum. It covers tribes of all the Americas. The best part was the cafe. You could eat meals from different regions. I chose the South American Indian. Check this out!

Lengua de Carne Relleno con Chili Poblano
Smashed Papas con Ajo con Olibas
                   And Hearts of Palm salad

Stopped by Tattoo Paradise. A very nice crew and Dave Wulff part owner of Tattoo Faction in Ohio was there hanging out as well. Check his work out.