Matt Hodel Tattoo: Digital Flash

Digital Flash 27

On the left is digital.  The right is the original.
I have a goal to do flash on the computer.  In the past I have seen people try to do this using vector art and it always looks forced.  How can something so natural and imperfect like tattooing have anything to do with the cold world of digital art?  The last twenty year of computer programing has finally closed the gap between the natural and the unnatural.  Using touch sensitive drawing pads and pens has finally bridged the gap to allow for the natural muscle movement of the artist.  Tonight I copied a classic Sailor Jerry indian girl head.  This was 100% created digitally and shows the potential for future projects.

I still have some things to work out.  The outline needs to bleed more.  Give me some more time and I will figure out how to capture the look I am going for.  This has been a lot of fun.