Matt Hodel Tattoo: How to paint a banner.

How to paint a banner. 27

So I had to paint a quick banner today to get ready for the Duke City Tattoo Fiesta.  I waited too long to start this.  I've been pretty busy with work so I took the day off to get this done.  I went with something simple to paint.  The first drawing fell off my desk and the dog pissed on it.  I took that as a hint and went with plan B.

I am going to make a plug here.  I used Sketch Book Pro and the Bamboo Creative Tablet to draw the logo and do a color study.

To start, I built a simple frame and faced it with Sureply.  Sureply is very smooth.  Then I stretch the canvas over the frame.

Then I used an overhead to transfer the image.
After the image was penciled on I painted from the back to the front.  Next I focused on the lettering.  The pictures kinda tell the story. The last thing I did is outline everything.  I used to use paint pens for the outline.  Lately I started using a heavy body Mars Black.  It is a little more frustrating to get clean lines but I didn't want the shiny look that the paint pens give.

So now I will have to paint another banner for the next convention. For now this banner will work just fine.  See you guys in Albuquerque!

Matt Hodel